Exhibitor Agreement

Prater’s Mill Foundation, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Prater’s Mill”), and related entities do hereby enter into this agreement with the undersigned Exhibitor (hereinafter referred to as “Exhibitor”) as follows:

For groups, organizations, companies or other entities acting as artists/vendors, Exhibitor hereby represents that he/she is authorized to act on behalf of same and bind such artist/vendor to the terms, conditions, release and consent contained herein. People working in the Exhibitor’s booth (hereinafter referred to as “Staff”) are considered extensions of the Exhibitor and are bound and regulated by this agreement as the responsibility of the Exhibitor.

Responding to the invitation to Exhibit, the Exhibitor requests space at Prater’s Mill Country Fair Fundraising Event and agrees to pay booth rent, option fees, utility, late and penalty fees in full prior to show date.

The Exhibitor agrees to present an exhibit of a quality consistent with the requirements and standards of this event and to obey all local and regional regulations and laws. Furthermore, Exhibitor hereby certifies that all work is original and handcrafted by them out of natural materials. Prater’s Mill reserves the right to demand removal by Exhibitor of any items which may not be in keeping with the show’s image, requirements or regulations.

Prater’s Mill reserves the right to make the policies, rules and regulations it deems proper and necessary. Which are contained within “Every Answer to Every Question Ever Asked” {EAEQ} and “Procedures & Regulations Compliance” {PRC}. The Exhibitor and Staff agree to read, accept and abide by such rules and regulations and any interpretation as is set forth by Prater’s Mill.

Prater’s Mill reserves the right to disqualify any exhibitor for failure to comply with rules, regulations or procedures and shall not be required to return any portion of Exhibitor’s entry fee, costs of exhibition or projected loss of revenue caused by failure to comply with rules.

The Exhibitor will ensure their display equipment, tents, cookers, generators, or other such equipment that is utilized in or around the exhibit space are installed securely. Exhibitor assumes responsibility for any damage or personal injury caused by Exhibitor negligence, Resolution of damages caused between Exhibitors shall be the sole responsibility of the parties, and Prater’s Mill shall not be liable for mediation of such disputes or the collection of any claimed losses.

Exhibitor waives any claim against Prater’s Mill, its agents, officers, or employees and assumes all liability for loss or damage to Exhibitor’s property. Prater’s Mill shall not be liable for any resulting damage or claim regardless of how such an injury or damage may have occurred. Exhibitors shall hold Prater’s Mill harmless and shall indemnify Prater’s Mill against all liability or expenses arising out of any claim of injury or damage to any person or property, together with all cost in connection with the defense thereto. The use of transportation or porters, if available, to aid in setup, unloading and loading, and/or other assistance is at Exhibitor’s own risk.

All municipal, state, and federal requirements in the collection and reporting of sales tax are the sole responsibility of Exhibitor. Any assistance offered by Prater’s Mill shall not create any obligation or liability to sales tax requirements.

Prater’s Mill has the Exhibitor’s permission to reproduce Exhibitor work through images/photos that have been submitted for the purpose of advertising and marketing the festival. Prater’s Mill also has Exhibitor’s permission to publish photographs or videos taken of Exhibitor, Staff, Exhibitor’s booth, and Exhibitor’s artwork/merchandise during the festival for purposes related to the promotion of the festival — past or future.

This contract is not binding until Prater’s Mill has issued written confirmation verifying that Exhibitor’s registration has been processed. All contracts are subject to cancellation by Prater’s Mill up to 48 hours before the event date due to unforeseen circumstances or necessary business accommodations. In the event of any such cancellation, Exhibitor’s sole remedy shall be the refund of registration and entry fees. This contract cannot be assigned, shared or sublet without the prior written consent of Prater’s Mill.

  • I have RECEIVED the rules; I have READ the rules; and I will ABIDE by the rules
  • I am responsible for folks with my booth to have RECEIVED, READ, and ABIDE by the rules
  • I will attend the mandatory Exhibitor Meeting, Saturday night of the Fair at the Stage from 6:15-6:45
  • Sales Tax Collection is my business. GA DOR requires list of Exhibitors from PMCF
  • Booth items are all prepared, written, or hand-crafted out of natural materials by me
  • All items displayed in my booth have committee approval
  • I agree to these statements with my signature below:
  • I have added to my safe contacts list and will use it for all fair-related electronic correspondence.
    • -or- I do not have/use an email address/account.

‡ IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: where cancellation is prohibitive contact Mikey Sims, Fair Director anytime, but as soon as possible. We will work out a solution together:
   CALL: 706-694-MILL {6455} – or – CALL or TEXT 404-451-3549

†LIABILITY INSURANCE REQUIRED: Required if you provide samples, prepare food on site or come into contact with the public in anyway, both inside and out. Prater’s Mill must be provided with proof of liability insurance certificate reflecting coverage in an amount of no less than $1,000,000.00 naming “Prater’s Mill Foundation, Inc.” as additional insured no later than August 25. Such booths that come into contact with the public shall provide hand-sanitizing facilities.


Completed Cancellation Form Required: located on under the Exhibitor Resources page select ‘Invited Exhibitors’ under ‘Fair’ Menu or use this link:

  • $35 Fee after January 25.
  • No refund after September 25. Cancellation Form and Phone Call Required after
    September 25.
  • Communicate cancellation using 706-694-MILL {6455} Emails alone are not accepted as adequate notification.
  • Refunds are paid within 30-45 days. Penalty and application charges are not refundable. Any payment processing fees incurred when providing a refund will be deducted from the amount returned.
  • Except in case of emergency, exhibitors failing to notify Prater’s Mill and/or Fair Director in advance of any cancellation, absence, late arrival, or early departure will be considered a No Show and not invited back.

Every Answer To Every Question Asked

When Do I Need to Be There?

  • Held rain or shine – No refunds due to rain
  • Attendance with booths open & manned required all day both days
    • 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Saturday
    • 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Sunday
  • Failure to notify if tardy, absence or early departure is considered no-show
  • No-shows and blacklisted will not return
  • Complete set-up 30 minutes before show opening and remain until closing
  • No Vehicles 30 minutes prior until 30 minutes after show hours

What about Refunds & Cancellation?

  • $35 Fee after January 25
  • No refund after September 25.
  • Cancellation Form Required:
  • Cancellation Form and Phone Call Required after September 25

What Can I Bring?

  • Crafts must be handmade out of natural materials by exhibitor
  • Food fits Southern Appalachian Country Fair theme – prefer fresh/from scratch
  • Only approved items described on your placement letter are allowed
  • Submit new items by July 25. – Use Add Item Form on
  • NO PLASTIC – only plastic in packaging is allowed
  • Demonstrations encouraged

What’s Provided? – Any Booth Limitations?

  • 15’ x 15’ reasonably flat outside area
  • Some have trees near corner
  • No tents, tables, chairs or other items furnished outside
  • Secure tents against mother nature. Recommend weights over tie downs
  • Extra long metal stakes & heavy hammer needed to tie down tents
    • Buried electrical lines – take care driving stakes
  • Tent Size Limit:
    • 15’x15’ secured inside
    • 12’x12’ secured outside
    • No restrictions on size or color
    • Funeral tents strictly prohibited
  • Hard, gravel-filled ground defeats plastic stakes
  • Interior/covered spaces: size & amenities vary by location

What Happens When Things are Wet? 

  • Show held rain or shine – No refunds due to rain
  • Booths unsuitable for use prior to set-up will be moved.
  • It is your responsibility to provide ground cover inside space
    • PM will provide hay &/or shavings in muddy aisle – After 8:30 am1

When & Where Can I Check-In? 

  • Check-in BEFORE setting up booth (call ahead for late arrival)
  • Use contact’s last name [or booth#] to check-in – no paperwork required
  • Pick-up exhibitor packet prior to show
       ⚬ Friday 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (Mill Porch)  
       ⚬ Saturday 6:30 – 8:30 a.m. (Main Entrance Drive)
       ⚬ Saturday after 9:00 a.m. (Information Booth #026)

What is in my Exhibitor Packet? 

  • Booth sign
  • Name badges
  • Name badge holders
  • Parking passes
  • Sunday Breakdown and Booth Access
  • GA Sales Tax Collection Form FS-32
  • Exhibit Map – exhibitor version
  • Every Answer to Every Question Ever Asked (EAEQ)

Do I Need a Fire Extinguisher?

  • Fire Marshal requires minimum one fully-charged, working fire extinguisher in each booth using open flame of any kind

How Do I Find My Booth?

  • Booth number highlighted on map on placement letter
  • Booth corners & numbers marked on ground in orange paint
  • Guidance to booth location available during Friday check-in hours

When can I Set-Up?

  • Tuesday – Friday set-up is allowed – no security provided until Friday
  • Set up officially begins Friday 9:00 a.m. with check-in
  • After 7:00 p.m. Friday, gain access to exhibit area via security
  • Call before 7:00 p.m. Friday for booth set-up information or questions
  • Limit set-up to booth boundaries
  • Encroachment violations noted – warnings will be issued and recorded
  • Space use violations may yield immediate expulsion without refund
  • Exhibit area gates close 8:30 a.m. – no access – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • All vehicles removed from exhibit areas by 8:30 a.m. – NO EXCEPTIONS

What is Acceptable?

  • Discounted signage strictly prohibited – such as “50% off” or “2 for 1”
  • Overt solicitation ‘barkers’ & selling outside your area strictly prohibited
  • Subletting, apportioned, allowing others space to sell – strictly prohibited
  • EAEQ violation is adequate grounds for prompt expulsion
  • Exhibitor’s attire & behavior must reflect overall family-oriented theme
  • Conduct of harassing nature towards mill staff or volunteers is not tolerated

May I Handout Flyers etc.?

  • NO: Strictly prohibited – Persons caught distributing will be removed
  • Literature, pamphlet, promo etc. may be displayed
    • Must be picked up or requested by visitor

What Amenities are Available to Exhibitors?

  • Security Fri.-Sun. – not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items
       ⚬ Gates locked & guarded 7:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. Friday – Sunday nights
  • Exhibitor Parking Lot across street – PARKING PASS REQUIRED
       ⚬ Flat walkway under bridge for easy access or use ramped crosswalk
  • Exhibitor only port-o-lets (one) with the main public group near Gin & on the Store Side. Plus 3 more inside fence behind food shed
  • Booth Sitters will visit to check on your needs. Plus Assistance as needed.
       ⚬ to arrange advance help
  • Prater’s Mill Information Booth (#026) for help or call 706.694.MILL
  • Exhibitor Revitalization Room – soda, water, coffee, tea, table & microwave
       ⚬ First room, right side-entrance, upstairs granary 
  • Loading Zone Across GA2 by the Exit Ramp for Customer Pick Up
  • Bagged Ice for sale On the Grounds (#133)
  • Conveniently Located Walk-In Dumpsters
  • On Site Coke® ‘warehouse’

Can I Camp On-Site for Free?

  • Yes. In exhibitor parking lot ONLY – creek side preferred – first-come basis
  • No hookups – fresh water available at red pump house by store
  • Temporary, after-hours power may be arranged with Fair Director – your
    cord must reach Prater’s Store Exterior

Can I Get Electricity?

  • Limited booth locations have electricity – advance request on registration
  • Amperages limited & not guaranteed. Max < 20 amps per booth most share 20 amps – food shed area has significantly lower amps & high use
  • Quiet generators allowed
  • Extension cords must be
    • Medium to Heavy-Duty (see chart below)
Electricity info
  • No more than 25 foot each
  • Outdoor or Outdoor/Indoor Rated

Is There Access to Water?

  • City water available – but only two access points, one each side
    • Store side at Red Well House by Store
    • Mill side at hand-washing station by port-o-lets near Cotton Gin

Where Do I Put Trash?

  • Normal items – use local trash cans with liner
  • All garbage from your booth must use dumpsters, break down boxes
  • Minimum $50 charge to clean booth [trash, coke crates &/or coolers]

Event Sales Tax Collection:

  • Exhibitor responsible for Sales Tax Collection and Reporting
  • Miscellaneous Sales Event Form FS-32 distributed in Exhibitor Packet
  • What you do after that is your business — not ours!

Do I Get Name Badges, Holders & Parking Passes

  • Preprinted with names & details provided before July 25
  • Distribute name badges (NB) & parking passes (PP) before fair
  • Name Badge, Holders & Parking Passes in exhibitor packet at check-in
  • Groups may request pick-up or mailing of NB & PP before September 25
    • Holders cannot be mailed – pick-up in packet or PM Info booth (#026)

More on Exhibitor Name Badges:

  • Valid badge requires booth # & individual’s name (written or printed)
  • Required to be worn at all times for access, recognition and free entry

More on Parking Passes:

  • Should your lights get left on or anything else, we can locate you
  • Valid pass requires booth #, name & owner’s name (written or printed)
  • Required for access to exhibitor parking lot, Saturday & Sunday
  • Display on the driver’s side dash with all contact information visible
  • Dropped trailers also require pass attached – zip ties available at check-in
  • Vehicles without parking pass, removed at owner’s expense

What Do I Do on Friday & Saturday Nights?

  • Required to secure items, tents & displays against mother nature
  • Pack up everything or leave all or part in place – your choice
  • On site security provided 7:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. Friday – Sunday nights
  • Saturday Night Mandatory Exhibitors Meeting at the Stage
    • 6:15 – 6:45 Questions until 7 — at least one person must attend

How May I Submit My Point of View?

  • Prater’s Mill: online only at
    • Select ‘REPORT CARD’ from ‘INVITED EXHIBITORS’ under ‘FAIR’ menu
  • Links to both SF-32 & PMCF surveys emailed to you after fair

Can I RSVP in Advance for Next Year? – Yes

  • Art Fair Source Book: mail postcard in exhibitor packet or use link thereon
  • Prater’s Mill: online only at
  • Select ‘REPORT CARD’ from ‘INVITED EXHIBITORS’ under ‘FAIR’ menu
  • Links to both AFSB & PMCF surveys emailed to you after fair


  • Is covered in detail at the Mandatory Saturday night exhibitor meeting.
  • Visitors must be clear before we begin. Plan on 5:30 start time Sunday.


  • STEP 1: Break Down Booth and Pack It Up.
  • STEP 2: Get Pass
  • STEP 3: Get vehicle(s) in line – show pass at Boy Scouts
  • STEP 4: ONE-WAY traffic: Follow Arrows on map to booth & exit


  • Tell Boy Scouts your are going home.
  • USE YOUR BLINKER to indicate turns


  • No Line Pass needed
  • Tell Boy Scouts your Booth is in Store Side exhibit area


  • Notify everyone with your booth of all information contained herein
  • Professional behavior is expected
  • Failure of exhibitor or associate to comply regarding use of space may result in immediate expulsion without refund & will jeopardize your exhibitor status
  • Closed or abandoned booths are in violation of exhibitor agreement
  • Conduct of a harassing nature towards Mill staff or volunteers is not tolerated
    • Immediate expulsion without refund
    • Videoed/photographed
    • Listed on shared blacklist
    • Will jeopardize your exhibitor status

Placement Policy

The primary purposes of the Prater’s Mill Country Fair are to educate the public regarding the property’s historical background & to raise money to preserve & maintain the site.  Proceeds from the Fair fund the Foundation’s mission “to protect, preserve, & present the heritage of the Prater’s Mill Historic Site for future generations.”

Locations are designated as “Mill Side”–the north side of Highway 2–& the “Store Side”—the south of the road.  In keeping with the Fair’s purpose, vendors are selected & assigned locations on the following basis:

  1. Vendors selling items in keeping with the Fair’s focus on artists, craftsmen, music, & food which adhere to the guidelines contained in the application information shall be located on the Mill Side of the property. Items for sale must be hand-made out of natural materials by the vendor (or family) & not assembled from kits or utilize plastic parts.
  2. Vendors selling food will be located on both sides of the property. Placement will be determined by the Fair Director to accommodate electrical & water needs & to provide diversity of food selections. Food items will be in keeping with the Appalachian Country Fair theme & may require insurance.†
  3. Groups & organizations who wish to provide information to the general public shall be located on the Store Side of the property. Such service shall be confined to those rendered in the public interest & shall not include information related to political parties, candidates, solicitation of or support for laws or legislation, petitions, or the distribution of materials or promotion of a religious organization. 
  4. Amusements provided by groups, companies, or individuals shall be placed on the Store Side. Amusements shall be those in keeping with an agricultural setting with maintaining public safety of primary importance.  All amusements utilizing livestock that comes into contact with the public shall provide hand-sanitizing facilities. Requires Insurance.†
  5. Fair sponsors are those businesses, individuals, or organizations which provide money, services, or supplies to support the promotion or operation of the fair. The Fair Director shall be authorized to provide such space or acknowledgment in such location as may be required in exchange for the Sponsor’s support.
  6. Approved groups shall be permitted to display information, literature, promotional items, or signs at their booth or table. In accordance with our handout policy, handing out any material–unless requested by visitors–is strictly prohibited & will result in the organization being required to immediately vacate the premises without refund or consideration of fees paid.
  7. All vendors shall be required to abide by the policies & rules set by the Fair Director, Fair Committee, or Foundation Board. Policies & rules will be published online & provided to vendors in the Guidelines & Information / Rules & Regulations (G&I/R&R) sheet.  Exhibitor spaces are clearly marked by staff prior to arrival.  Exhibitors may be warned of encroachment violations.  Failure to comply with directions regarding use of space or conduct of a harassing nature toward staff or Mill volunteers may result in immediate expulsion without refund or consideration.

†LIABILITY INSURANCE REQUIRED: Prater’s Mill must be provided with proof of liability insurance certificate reflecting coverage in an amount of no less than $1,000,000.00 naming “Prater’s Mill Foundation, Inc.” as additional insured no later than August 25.  The main categories are: food for human consumption (Food Menu); interaction with water, animals or equipment; & any direct contact with attendees.  These include–but are not limited to–food cooked or otherwise prepared on site (for sale or sample), all “rides,” boating, petting zoo, tractors, cars, plows, wagons, face-painting – any contact with the human body, inside or out.  These booths that come in to contact with the public shall provide hand- sanitizing facilities

Health & Safety Compliance

  • All foods, including ice, shall be in sound condition, free from spoilage, filth, or other contamination, and shall be safe for human consumption.
  • Chilled samples and refrigerated food must be maintained at 45° F or below. At lease one thermometer must be available to regularly check chilled samples.
  • Hot foods must maintain a temperature of 140° or above. All booths serving meat products must have Meat Thermometers.
  • Food/samples will be protected from contamination, including dust, insects, rodents, unclean equipment and utensils, unnecessary handling, drainage, and overhead leakage during transportation, preparation and serving.
  • Hand washing facility must be provided for workers. Compliance is easily achieved by providing a 5 gallon Igloo-type container filled with warm water, draining into a large trash can and liquid antibacterial soap for cleaning. Paper towels are satisfactory for hand drying.
  • Water dispensers shall have a spigot that can be turned on and off. Not a push button type you must hold with one hand.
  • Easily cleanable, nonabrasive countertops (no bare wood) must be used to prepare food (and samples) on site. This can be as simple as oil cloth or vinyl, or as elaborate as stainless steel.
  • Wiping cloths shall be kept in a container of sanitizing solution, consisting of 2 teaspoons of household bleach per gallon of water. This solution shall be changed as often as necessary.
  • All cleaning supplies shall be kept separate from foods and food preparation areas.
  • Equipment must be cleaned and sanitized at least daily.
  • Dirt floors must be covered with tar paper where food prep occurs.
  • Tobacco use is not allowed within food preparation and service areas.
  • Pump Style Hand Sanitizer provided by the exhibitor is to be available, placed where visible and marked to indicate public use.
  • NOTE: Public Hand Washing Stations with ‘city’ water are located at the port-o-lets near Cotton Gin and planned for the side room of the Store.
  • Food Booth and those with open flame are required to have at least one (1) charged and working Fire Extinguisher rated to potential fire hazards. The Fire Department will be checking that each booth complies.
  • All extension cords must be of outdoor quality, 25 foot or less in length and of Medium, Heavy or Extra Heavy Duty. The Fire Department will be checking that exhibitors comply to these requirements. See chart below.
Grounded Wire Chart Usage Guide

LIABILITY INSURANCE REQUIRED: Required if you come into contact with the public in anyway, both inside and out. This includes amusements, food prepared on site and open samples.
Prater’s Mill must be provided with proof of liability insurance certificate reflecting coverage in an amount of no less than $1,000,000.00 naming “Prater’s Mill Foundation, Inc.” as additional insured no later than August 25.

Details of Selling Coke® Products & Procedures

♦️ Prater’s Mill Acts as creditor and distributor, representing all exhibitors together allowing us to receive discounted fundraiser rate on 20 oz bottled beverages.  Coke® Products MUST be purchased through Prater’s Mill. 

❌  Exhibitor may NOT SELL any drinks purchased from outside vendors.
☕️   Booths can offer regular coffee, brewed tea (hot, cold, sweet, un-), lemonade, limeade,  Coke® products and drinks as approved by the Fair Committee.

❇️ All Coke Products sell for $3/bottle which returns about 46% profit (based on 2021 prices).
    ➤ Prater’s Mill is Not Tax Exempt. The required Sales Tax is included in the case price provided.
    〽️ Exact prices and percentages for each show will be provided with order form.

❤️ PRODUCTS AVAILABLE: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Dasani Water, and 4 flavors of Powerade: Lemon-Lime, Mountain Berry Blast, Fruit Punch and Grape. 


1️⃣ Place drink order with us prior to the show on credit. Order more to have more available if needed.
2️⃣ FRIDAY pick up initial drink cases to sell Saturday. [it is not required to pick up every case ordered].
    ▫️There are a variety of top access coolers you may on a first come basis use located back stage.
    ▫️Exhibitor is responsible for cleaning coolers before and after use and must return them back stage at shows end.
    ▫️ There is a minimum $50 booth clean up fee if trash, crates and/or coolers are left in your booth.
3️⃣ SATURDAY evening, the trailer will be manned to pickup more and/or swap/return full matched cases.
4️⃣ SUNDAY evening, you may return any full matched case for credit.
    ▫️ Full payment (cash or check) for products sold is due no later than 6 pm Sunday.
    ▫️ Checks: PAY TO THE ORDER OF: Prater’s Mill Foundation, Inc.

    ✴️  If you need a vehicle to transport Coke returns before 6 pm Sunday, contact Mikey Sims PRIOR TO Sunday.

⏰ Coke Trailer is ONLY manned at these times: FRIDAY 9-11am & 4-7pm • SATURDAY 5-7pm • SUNDAY 4-6pm


This is the two-page Exhibitor version and includes amenities and Sunday Exit Directions.