Exhibitor Cancelation


To maintain your status, Prater’s Mill must be notified of all cancellations by use of our online form (Select ‘Cancellation’ from ‘Invited Exhibitors’ under ‘Fair’ menu).

When online cancelation form is received prior to January 25, 100% fees returned. When form received between January 25 and September 25,  less $35 cancellation fee.§  When received after September 25, no refund and exhibitor must also call Fair Director or the Office [706-694-6455] and verbally communicate cancellation.

Exhibitors failing to notify Prater’s Mill in advance of any cancellation, absence, late arrival or early departure, except in case of emergency‡, will not be invited to future Prater’s Mill Country Fairs. Refunds paid out within 45 days. (‡Notify Mikey Sims, Fair Director, as soon as you can, in daylight hours. After hours, leave message on office #.)  

§ Option:  If you cancel between January 25 and September 25 and choose to ‘Transfer to next PMCF’, we will apply 100% of fees paid to the next show you can attend. However, if you to then cancel during the same time period, the $35 Cancellation Fee would then be applied. 

 I understand that canceling MAY possibly resort in losing placement and/or items sold (your spot). I understand that my cancelation will not impact future invitations and must be made prior to the Fair. Prater’s Mill has up to 45 days to process cancellation and return funds if possible.

 To be considered for a refund and to remain in good standing, complete the form below as indicated.