Crafter Information

The deadline to apply for the October show is July 15. Once accepted, the deadline to pay your booth fee is August 25. A $35 late fee will be charged after August 25. Late fees are not charged when application ares submitted after August 25. If you miss the July 15 deadline you may apply for the ‘Wait List’ for cancellations.
If you mail your application, put your name, address and telephone number with the photo description on the back of each photo.  To have your photos returned, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage. Photos will not be returned otherwise. Include a $40 check or money order payable to Prater’s Mill Foundation.  You may also include information on your work, newspaper articles, etc. with your application for consideration.  Mail to: Prater’s Mill Country Fair, PO Drawer H, Varnell, GA 30756.
Online and Mailable form links are below. Submitting online will expedite application review.  Mailing forms may result in missing available spaces.

Crafter Information Highlights

  • May not bring the work of others.
  • No co-op merchandise allowed.
  • Fair Trade items are not allowed.
  • All items must be original, hand-made of natural materials by you.
  • No resale items allowed – even it you have enhanced them.
  • No plastic – except where needed in packaging.
  • Work is not judged. No awards given.
  • Only items submitted that have been approved by selection committee are allowed.
  • We do follow the Indian Arts & Crafts Act of 1990.  If you sell as “native made,” you will have to show/have your certificate on hand.  Otherwise items have to be presented as native inspired.
  • Booth subletting, in whole or in part, is not allowed. 
  • Application Fee is non-refundable and does not apply towards booth fee.
    • Advise reading all information before submitting application.
  • Artists should display original work with no more than 65% reproductions.
  • Items made from kits or products bought and assembled are not allowed.
  • Craft booth fee is $125 (single); no commission or jury fees.
  • Regular power is an additional $10. Amperage is limited and not guaranteed.
  • DO NOT send booth fee until you receive an RSVP Invitation & Registration form.
  • Items made from commercial molds are also disqualified unless they have been hand-painted with original designs, like “China-painting”.

Please select a button below to complete the Crafter Application either Online (preferred) or to Print and Mail the Application.

Online Applications Expedite processing and review