Prater’s Mill is located at 5845 Georgia Highway 2, 10 miles northeast of Dalton, GA and 30 miles south of Chattanooga, TN.  Follow the signs from I-75 take Exit #341 (Tunnel Hill-Varnell).  Travel 4.5 miles North on Highway 201.  Turn right (East) onto Highway 2 (at Dollar General in Varnell).  After 2.6 miles, cross Highway 71 (at Exxon, Shell, & McDonalds).  Continue on Highway 2 for 1 mile, then turn on your left turn signal to be directed to the closest Free Fair Parking lot.

Directions Map
Dalton Location Map

Prater's Mill Country Fair Parking

Follow the signs, then our Traffic Control folks

All Parking at Prater’s Mill is free. The Prater’s Mill Traffic Control will direct you off the road and into our parking lots where the Boy Scouts will take over and get you in a space. The Boy Scouts will help navigate the lots and direct you back out to go home. You may have many questions, please do not stop to ask. We are parking you in the closest available lot in the closest space. Stopping the process only causes traffic jams.  You may not understand what we are doing. We often park vehicles nose to tail but we leave driveways so everyone can either pull or back out to leave with out obstruction.  

Our parking lots are hayfields, so this is not a trip to the mall.  You may think where you want to go is a good spot, it may be mud or sink hole or worse.  We have roped off driveways and bus stops to give the lot some structure.  Free shuttle buses run constantly from the fair grounds to designated points in each parking lot. Each bus stop has its own color. Remember the color to get back to the same stop. Buses cannot drop off or pick up outside of these designated areas for safety reasons.

Handicapped? Reserved handicap parking is next to the blue bus stop where wheel chair lift shuttles will deliver you to the fair grounds. Display permit for faster, accurate direction. 

RVs and buses park in a special lot up on the hill.