Q & A

What kind of crafts can I bring to sell?

All crafts must be handmade of natural materials by you. NO PLASTIC of any kind. We encourage you to demonstrate and will assist you with special needs. You have been juried and approved to bring the items submitted. If you want to add something in your booth you must contact the office and go through the jury process on the new items. There is no application fee to be re-juried but you must go through the jury committee to bring additional items.

What happens if it rains?

The Fair is held rain or shine. No refunds in the event of rain. If you must cancel we will refund your booth fee if we are notified on or before September 25th. No-shows are not invited back. On the rare case of extended torrential downpour with no end in site, we may close the show early for that day.

Do I have to attend both days?

YES. All exhibitors are required to attends both days of the festival.

What does it cost?


Application $40

Regular Booth Registration $125

Food Booth Registration $175

Regular Power $10

Food Power $25

Food Water (plumbed) $25

Late Registration $25

Cancelation $35

Returned Check $35

Adult Admission $7

Children under 12 Free

Parking Free

Shuttle Free

What are the show hours.

Show Hours are from 9:00 am – 6:00pm Saturday and from 9:00 am – 5:00pm Sunday. Exhibitors are required to attend both days and stay for the operating hours.

When do I get my name tag and car tag?

Exhibitor Passes / Name Tags and Vehicle Tags will not be sent out this year unless requested. You may pick up your packet with everything in it at check in. If you need to arrange to receive your tags and passes before check in (to hand out at a group meeting), please contact the office and we will gladly mail them or have them ready for you to pick up as early as you need them.

Groups will need to hand out tags and passes in advance. Handoffs will no longer be allowed.

Are name tags different this year?

Exhibitor Passes / Name Tags must have the individuals name written on the pass and attached to clothing. This allows you to enter the fair without additional cost and indicates the exhibitors’ identity to the shoppers.

Groups will need to hand out tags and passes in advance. Handoffs will no longer be allowed.

Tags will NOT be preprinted this year. We will have the badge holders for you to use.

Is there camping allowed on the grounds?

Free camping is available to exhibitors. No hookups. Fresh water is available at pump house by Prater’s Store and hand washing station by port-o-lets. Sunday night you are allowed to hook up to power by your booth.

When can I check in?

Check in is Friday from 9am – 7pm (Mill Porch) and Saturday 7 – 9am (Main Entrance Drive). If you arrive at night, you may check in with the guard at the main entrance drive between 7pm Friday and 7am Saturday. The gates will be locked at night and you must see the guard to enter or to exit the property on either side. Photo ID may be required.

When can I sep up?

Set up starts Friday at 9:00 am . Please be set up by 8:00am on Saturday Morning as we have shoppers in at that time. All vehicles must be out of the exhibit area by 8:30 am. Space is 15×15.

Tables or other supplies are not furnished. Tents cannot exceed 12’x12′. Oversized tents will incur additional fees. Funeral tents are not allowed. Because of the hard ground, plastic tent stakes will not work; bring extra long metal stakes or weights, but be careful of our underground wiring.

Is there power available?

Power. Our Electricity is limited to no more than 20 amps per booth. Please be aware we may not have enough amps available to run everything you want to have. You may have to coordinate usage with your neighbor.

What about sales tax?

Local Sales Tax is 7%; it is collected at the exit on Sunday night by Prater’s Mill Staff and turned in on your behalf. If you have your own number then, bypass the bucket and do your own thing.

When can i break down my booth?

Sunday Breakdown & Load-out. It is not considered safe for vehicles to enter or exit the exhibit areas while shoppers are still present. However, you can begin breaking down your booth and packing up goods in preparation for loading starting at 5:00pm. If you close or abandon your booth prior to designated closing times you will be considered in violation of our vendor agreement. After 5:00pm (6:00pm Saturday) the Traffic Control will determine when it is safe to allow vehicles into or out of the exhibit areas. Attendants will be present to assist you in the parking lots and in the exhibit areas to keep things running smoothly. Please make sure your Vehicle Tag is visible on Vehicle and Trailer.

I'm on there Store side, at load out, how do I get to my booth?

Store Side. During operating hours (9-6 Saturday and 9-5 Sunday) we can no longer allow vehicles to enter or exit the exhibit area. The driveways will be blockaded and under surveillance. Vehicles on display (antique cars & tractors) must be present before 9:00am and will not be allowed to leave until after closing and it has been deemed safe to do so each day. We will not invite you back if you fail to comply with this safety measure. At 5:00 Sunday you will be allowed to line up at the back gate driveway for entry in to the store side exhibit area. When navigating the Exhibitor Parking lot, indicate to the Boy Scouts that you wish to go to the Store Side Exhibit Area.

Please have some patience and help us by following these guidelines. This will allow everyone (including us) to get home quickly. If we all work together we can get everyone across in just over an hour.

I'm on there Mill side, at load out, how do I get to my booth?

Mill Side. In order to gain access to the Mill side exhibit area, you first must enter the exhibitor parking lot. If you park somewhere else or even if you are just showing up to breakdown, all access will originate in the Exhibitor Parking Lot on the Store Side. There is no need to go to the parking lot and line up before 4:45 on Sunday (5:45 on Saturday). Anyone attempting to line up before 4:45 will be directed into an available parking space to wait until 4:45 when we begin our line up procedure.

The order of entry into the Mill side exhibit area for loading is determined by booth location and vehicle type. In order to get the most exhibitors into the exhibit area, Basic Vehicles will be allowed in first (Cars, Pickups and Vans without Trailers). We will let in as many vehicles as we can providing we have one clear lane of passage around the perimeter. We will do this in groups of five or six at a time. Usually exhibitors get packed up and out before we can get all the basic vehicles across freeing up more room. Next in line to cross the street are the vehicles with trailers. Trailers will have a separate line up area starting at 5:15 so we can let single cars in line ahead of you. If you plan to bring a large truck or motor home across you will have to wait until after 6:00 in order for there to be room to maneuver. When you enter the mill side exhibit area please indicate to the staff which direction you wish to go to to get to your booth.

I'm finished for the day and I just want to get out.

Going Home. If you are done for the day and just ready to go home when navigating the Exhibitor Parking lot, indicate to the Boy Scouts that you are Going Home and you will be directed to the exit line. Please use you blinker to indicate which way you are turning to go home.

Please have some patience and help us by following these guidelines. This will allow everyone (including us) to get home quickly. If we all work together we can get everyone across in just over an hour.