Fees & Deadlines


gratisLiving History Display or Demonstrations (no sales)
$40Author Stall 1
$150Craft / Regular
$300 & upFood (immediate consumption)
$165Amusements & Food To-Go


+$20Regular Power
+$50Food Power
+$50Food Water
+$75Extra 5 Foot (20′ tent fee)
+$5Paper RSVP Registration Process Fee
+$35Late Fee 
+$35Cancellation 3
+$35Returned Check
+$50/min.Booth Cleaning 4


Please note that online and advanced ticket purchases are no longer available.

$10Adult Cash Fair Admission
$10Senior Cash Fair Admission
FreeFair Admission – Military ID
Free12 & under Fair Admission
FreePets Fair Admission
FreeFair Parking
FreeParking to Fair & Back Shuttle Service6


January 25END Full Refund
March 25INVITED Exhibitors’ RSVP & Payment
Late fee assessed March 31 for 2022 only 2
July 25NEW Exhibitors’ APPLICATION 2
August 25INVITED Exhibitors’ ADD Item Submission
August 25ACCEPTED Exhibitors’ RSVP & Payment
(notified prior to 8/15)
August 25END Shared Author stall price ends unless spot available
August 25Native made certificates due
August 25Liability insurance certificate due
September 25END Application Review
October 25Begin Application Review


$40Application Fee: craft, food, amusement, & info
types 5 (Nonrefundable, Not applied to booth or other fees)
$20Author Non-Profit 5 (Nonrefundable,
Not applied to booth or other fees)


1 Shared Author Price expires August 25 – unless a shared spot is open, regular booth fee & placement will apply
2 Incomplete paper submissions will be returned. If you are under hardship – contact the Fair Director and we will work something out.
3 See Cancellation Policy
4 Monday morning after the fair any booth found with anything left behind without permission or agreement will be charged a minimum of $50 such as:
 – Appliance left (with permission) without proper child proofing or
 – Other potential hazard requiring attention.
 – Crates &/or coolers not returned properly.
 – Boxes/Trash, tar paper or any refuse
 – Damage to the structure or infrastructure including staples in-particularly
5 Application fees required for first time applicants & previously attended who have missed 3 consecutive shows.
6 Service Animals Only


All municipal, state and federal requirements in the collection and reporting of sales tax are the sole responsibility of Exhibitor and any assistance offered by Prater’s Mill shall not create any obligation or liability regarding Exhibitor’s compliance with same. GA Dept. of Revenue requires distribution of FORM FS-32 Miscellaneous Sales Event and report of each Exhibitor’s participation.

Prater’s Mill Country Fair has been advised to retire the ‘Yellow Bucket’ method of collection. Now Sales Tax Collection and reporting is up to you. Per GA DOR we are required to provide to them a list of exhibitors attending and provide you FORM FS-32. Naturally we have added the static answers and fields so you can complete with Adobe Acrobat. We have no requirements on Event Sales Tax Collection and Reporting. What you choose to do is Your Business — Not Ours.


“Any unregistered vendors (those without a sales tax account with the State of Georgia) that are participating in your event should report the sales tax that they collect on this return. The sales tax that is collected should be sent with the FS-32 return to the office address listed on the return. Please provide the FS-32 form to the vendors at your event.  Also, provide me … with a list of the vendors at your event.”

“If you are a registered user with the State of Georgia for Sales and Use Tax and will include these sales on your regular return, please provide your sales tax number…”

– Georgia Department of Revenue