Exhibitor Information

Prater’s Mill Country Fair is an invitation-only festival, all crafts must be hand-made out of only natural materials by the exhibitor.  We boast the best Southern food this side of Heaven.  Food items need to fit under the Southern Appalachian Country Fair umbrella.


To apply for invitation: complete the appropriate application form (Craft or Food). Include a minimum of three photos of your work (include each type of item to be reviewed), minimum two photos of you in process of creating your work plus a minimum of one photo of your booth/display.  The form can collect up to 11 photos. Include a description of each photo and a $40 one-time application fee with your submission.  The Fair Committee will review your submission based only on the photos and information included with your application. We do limit the number of booths in each category as well as craftsmen who create same or similar items. Food items are not duplicated.

The $40 application fee only applies to your first submission, it will not be charged again to returning exhibitors, to second submissions or to add additional items at any time. The online forms will collect $40 from your credit card or PayPal account at the end of the form. We will not be notified of unpaid or incomplete submissions. 
Please be very specific describing your craft on the application. For example, “woodcraft” does not give us enough information. Same goes with food, “barbecue” does not give us enough information either.
Online and mailable application links are at the bottom of the Craft and Food Exhibitor specific information pages. Choose either Craft or Food at the bottom once you’ve reviewed all the information on this page to proceed.  
The deadline to apply for the October show is July 15. Once accepted, the deadline to pay your booth fee is August 25. A $35 late fee will be charged after August 25. Late fees are not charged when application ares submitted after August 25. If you miss the July 15 deadline you may apply for the ‘Wait List’ for cancellations.
If you mail your application, put your name, address and telephone number with the photo description on the back of each photo.  To have your photos returned, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage. Photos will not be returned otherwise. Include a $40 check or money order payable to Prater’s Mill Foundation.  You may also include information on your work, newspaper articles, etc. with your application for consideration.  Mail to: Prater’s Mill Country Fair, PO Drawer H, Varnell, GA 30756.
Submitting online will expedite application review.  Mailing forms may result in missing available spaces.



  • Application Fee is non-refundable, and does not apply towards booth fee.
  • No commission or jury fees. 
  • DO NOT send booth fee with application.


First,  all exhibitors in good standing who attended the most recent show, are sent invitations to the next show. After the May 1 deadline passes, then new exhibitors are invited to flesh out the show as needed. For instance if we have 10 returning jewelers we will likely not be accepting more jewelers.
We limit the number of exhibitors in each craft. We do not duplicate food items. This strategy helps sales and makes a more interesting show. We try to let new applicants know as soon as possible if we have space for them. However, for some early applicant we won’t know until the meeting after July 15 deadline.
December:   Exhibitors in good standing are invited back. 
May 1:          Deadline for returning exhibitors to respond
                         Late fee applies to returning exhibitors
                         Existing exhibitors are placed 
                         Begin reviewing applications on hand
July 15:          Deadline to submit application
July 25:          Received applications are reviewed and chosen
                         Newly accepted exhibitors are placed
August 25:     Late fee applies to new exhibitors
                         Wait list started for cancelations
Application $40 (first time applicants only)
Shared Author Booth $25
Non-profit Booth $25 (single)
Non-profit Booth $50 (double)
Craft Booth $125 (single)
Craft Booth $250 (double)
Food Booth $175 (single)
Food Booth $350 (double)
Regular Power +$10
Food Power +$25
Food Water (plumbed) +$25
Extra 5′ (over size tent fee) +$75
Late Registration +$35 (returning exhibitors May 2 • new exhibitors August 25)
Cancelation $35
Returned Check $35
     The primary purpose of the Prater’s Mill Country Fair is to educate the public regarding the property’s historical background and to raise money to preserve and maintain the site.  Locations are designated as “Mill Side” which is on the north side of Highway 2 and the “Store Side” which is south of the road.  In keeping with the Fair’s purpose, vendors are selected and assigned locations on the following basis:
  1. Exhibitors selling items in keeping with the Fair’s focus on artists, craftsmen, music and food which adhere to the guidelines contained in the application information shall be located on the Mill Side of the property.  Items for sale must be hand-made out of natural materials by the vendor (or family) and not assembled from kits or utilize plastic parts.
  2. Exhibitors selling food will be located on both sides of the property and placement shall be determined by the Fair Director to accommodate electrical and water needs and to provide diversity of food selections.  Food items will be in keeping with the Appalachian Country Fair theme.
  3. Groups and organizations who wish to provide information to the general public shall be located on the Store Side of the property.  Such service shall be confined to those rendered in the public interest and shall not include information related to political parties, candidates, solicitation of or support for laws or legislation, petitions or the distribution or promotion of a religious organization or materials. 
  4. Amusements provided by groups, companies or individuals shall be placed on the Store Side.  Amusements shall be those in keeping with an agricultural setting with maintaining public safety of primary importance.  Such groups or individuals must provide Prater’s Mill with proof of liability insurance certificate reflecting coverage in an amount of no less than $1,000,000.00 naming “Prater’s Mill Foundation, Inc.” as additional insured at least 30 days prior to the event.  All amusements utilizing livestock that comes into contact with the public shall provide hand sanitizing facilities.
  5. Fair sponsors are those businesses, individuals or organizations which provide money, services or supplies to support the promotion or operation of the fair.  The Fair Director shall be authorized to provide such space or acknowledgment in such location as may be required in exchange for the Sponsor’s support.
  6. Approved groups shall be permitted to display information, literature, promotional items or signs at their booth or table.  In accordance with our handout policy, handing out any material, unless requested by the visitors, is strictly prohibited and will result in the organization being required to immediately vacate the premises without refund or consideration of fees paid.
  7. All Exhibitors shall be required to abide by the policies and rules set by the Fair Director, Fair Committee or Foundation Board.  Policies and rules will be published online and provided to the vendors in the Guidelines & Information / Rules & Regulations (G&I/R&R) sheet.  Exhibitor spaces are clearly marked by staff prior to arrival.  Exhibitors may be warned of encroachment violations.  Failure to comply with directions regarding use of space or conduct of a harassing nature toward staff or Mill volunteers may result in immediate expulsion without refund or consideration of fees paid.

Updated 1/1/2019 for 2019

Fair Attendance & Show Hours
  • Held rain or shine – No refunds due to rain
  • Booths open & manned during show hours 
    • 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Saturday 
    • 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Sunday
  • Attendance required all day both days
  • Failure to notify of tardiness, absence or early departure considered “No Show”
  • “No Shows” and those “Blacklisted” will not be invited back
Cancellation Date September 25
  • On-line form required, located: pratersmill.org – ‘cancellation’ under FAIR menu 
  • Before September 25 – refund booth fees less $35 fee – FORM REQUIRED
  • After September 25 – no refund – FORM REQUIRED + call 706-694-6455
What Can I Bring?
  • Crafts must be handmade out of natural materials by exhibitor
  • Food fits Southern Appalachian Country Fair theme – prefer made from scratch
    • Food details: pratersmill.org – ‘New exhibitors’ under FAIR menu  
  • Only items as described on RSVP I&R form allowed & approved 
  • Add item by September 25 – description & photo to fair@pratersmill.org 
  • NO FAIR TRADE • NO PLASTIC – allowed only when needed for packaging 
  • No sub-lease of booths nor employ sales agents in place of crafter
  • Demonstrations encouraged
What’s Provided? - Booth Specifications & Restrictions
  • 15’ x 15’ outside reasonably flat area
  • No tents, tables or other items furnished outside
  • Tents not to exceed 12’x12’  – no restrictions on size or color
    • Extra fee for oversized tents
    • Funeral tents strictly prohibited
  • Secure tents against mother nature. Recommend weights for tie downs
  • Hard, gravel-filled ground defeats plastic stakes 
  • Extra long metal stakes & heavy hammer needed to tie down tents
  • Buried electrical lines – take care driving stakes
  • Interior spaces & amenities vary by location (if available)
Exhibitor Check-In
  • Check-in before setting up booth (call ahead for late arrival) 
  • Use contact’s last & first name to check-in – no paperwork required
  • Pick-up exhibitor packet prior to show 
    • Friday 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (Mill Porch) 
    • Saturday 6:30 – 8:30 a.m. (Main Entrance Drive)
    • Saturday after 9:00 a.m. (Information Booth #025)
Exhibitor Packet Contents
  • Booth sign                • Sunday Exit procedure & amenities flyer
  • Program                    • Art Fair Source Book survey/feedback card
  • Name badges            • GA Sales Tax collection form FS-32
  • Name badge holders • Exhibit map – exhibitor version 
  • Parking passes           • Guidelines & Info/ Rules & Regs (G&I/R&R)
How Do I Find My Booth?
  • Booth number highlighted on map
  • Booth corners & numbers marked on ground in orange paint 
  • Guidance to booth location available during Friday check-in hours
Booth Set-Up
  • Thursday set-up allowed – no security 
  • Officially begins Friday 9:00 a.m. with check-in
  • Gain exhibit area access Friday night via security
  • Call before 7:00 p.m. Friday for booth information 
  • Complete set-up by 8:00 a.m. each morning
  • Limit set-up to booth boundaries 
  • Encroachment violations noted & warnings issued
  • Space use violations may yield immediate expulsion without refund
  • Exhibit area gates close 8:30 a.m. – no access – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • All vehicles removed from exhibit areas by 8:30 a.m. – NO EXCEPTIONS
Conduct & Demeanor
  • Discounted signage strictly prohibited – such as “50% off” or “2 for 1”
  • Overt solicitation & selling outside your area strictly prohibited
  • Subletting or apportioned space to others strictly prohibited
  • G&I/R&R violation, adequate grounds for prompt expulsion
    • PMCF sole decision of acceptability – may remove items or signs
  • Exhibitor’s attire & behavior must reflect overall family-oriented theme 
  • Conduct of harassing nature towards mill staff or volunteers is not tolerated
    • See ‘Important Information’ located on page 2, bottom of first column
    • Fair Committee determines proper attire and behavior
  • Strictly prohibited – Persons caught distributing will be removed
  • Literature, pamphlet, promo etc. may be displayed
    • Must be picked up or requested by visitor 
Exhibitor Amenities
  • Security provided – not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items 
    • Gates locked & guarded 7:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. Friday -Sunday nights
  • $99 Rate at LaQuinta Inn: pratersmill.org – ‘host hotel’ under FAIR menu 
  • Exhibitor Parking Lot across street – PARKING pass required
    • Flat walkway under bridge for easy access or use crosswalk
  • Exhibitor only port-o-lets inside fence behind food shed
  • Booth sitters will visit booths to check on you
  • volunteers@pratersmill.org to arrange advance help
  • Prater’s Mill Information Booth (#025) 
  • Break-room, water, coffee, microwave 
    • First room, right side-entrance, upstairs granary
Free Camping
  • In exhibitor parking lot ONLY – creek side preferred – first-come basis
  • No hookups – fresh water available at red pump house by store 
Optional Electricity
  • Limited booth locations have electricity – advance request on registration
  • Crafter access +$10 – Food access +$25
  • Amperages limited  – not guaranteed
  • Under 20 amps per booth  – many share 20 amps
  • Extension cords MUST be Medium – Heavy Duty (12 or 14 gauge wire).
  • Coordinate usage with neighbors 
  • Quiet generators allowed
Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Marshal requires minimum one fully-charged, working fire extinguisher in each booth using open flame
Water Access
  • Booths with plumbed water +$25
  • City water but only two access points 
    • Store side at red well house by store
    • Mill side at hand-washing station by port-o-lets near cotton gin
  • Small items – use trash cans with liner
  • Larger items – boxes etc. – use dumpsters 
  • Plastic bottles & cans – use wire baskets or blue bins with liners
  • Minimum $50 charge to clean booth of coke crates, coke coolers or trash
Local Sales Tax 7%
  • Use FS-32 form in exhibitor packet to remit collected sales tax
Exhibitor Name Badges, Holders & Parking Passes 
  • Preprinted with names & details provided before August 1 
  • Distribute name badges (NB) & parking passes (PP) before fair hours 
  • Name Badge, Holders & Parking Passes in exhibitor packet at check-in
  • Request pick-up or mailing of badges & passes before September 20
    • Holders cannot be mailed – pick-up in packet or PM Info booth (#025)
Name Badges
  • Valid badge requires booth # & individual’s name (written or printed)
  • Required to be worn at all times for recognition and free entry
Parking Passes
  • Valid pass requires booth #, name & owner’s name (written or printed))
  • Required for access to exhibitor parking lot, Saturday & Sunday Exit
  • Display on the driver’s side dash with information visible
  • Dropped trailers also require pass attached – zip ties available at check-in
  • Vehicles without parking pass, removed at owner’s expense
Booth Status Friday & Saturday Nights
  • Secure items, tents & displays against mother nature
  • Pack up everything or leave all or part in place
  • On site security provided 7:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. Friday -Sunday nights
Pre-Register for Next Year
  • LOCATION: Prater’s Mill Information Booth (#025) next to main gate 
  • DAY/TIME: Sunday of the Fair between 8:00 – 11:00 a.m. 
    • SUNDAY MORNING ONLY – for on-site preregistration
  • Give Fair Director advance notice to be visited for pre-registration
Give Us Your Feedback
  • To Art Fair Source Book: mail postcard in exhibitor packet or use link thereon
  • To Prater’s Mill: pratersmill.org – ‘current exhibitors’ under FAIR menu 
    • Click ‘report card’ under ‘How are we doing?’ 
  • Links to both AFSB & PMCF surveys emailed to you after fair
Important Notice
  • Notify everyone with your booth of all information contained herein
  • Professional behavior is expected 
  • Failure of exhibitor or associate to comply regarding use of space may result in immediate expulsion without refund & will jeopardize your exhibitor status
  • Conduct of a harassing nature towards Mill staff or volunteers
    • Videoed/photographed
    • Listed on shared blacklist
    • May result in immediate expulsion without refund
    • Will jeopardize your exhibitor status
  • No vehicles in exhibit areas while visitors are present 
  • Breaking down allowed after 6:00 p.m.  
  • Closed or abandoned booths are in violation of exhibitor agreement
  • No Exit Pass needed for Saturday access
  • Line-up in exhibitor parking lot after 6:15 p.m. for exhibit area access
  • Use blinker – indicate turn direction
  • Do not block any main driveways 
  • Mill side: 
    • One-way traffic: enter stage side drive, exit outside drives 
    • One clear lane required around perimeter
  • No vehicles in exhibit areas while visitors are present 
  • Breaking down allowed after 5:00 p.m.  
  • Closed or abandoned booths are in violation of exhibitor agreement
  • Attendants will help direct you in exhibit area & parking lot
  • Park/drive to side, leave plenty of room for other vehicles 
    • Move over, it’s further than you think 
  • No Sunday Exit Pass needed 
  • Boy Scouts will direct you to either EXIT ONLY line
  • Left turn exit only using cross walk driveway
  • Use blinker to indicate turn direction
  • No Sunday Exit Pass needed
  • Antique cars & tractors notified by Jeff Gowan when to leave
  • Line up at back-gate to access exhibit area at 5:15 p.m.
  • Tell Boy Scouts you are going to store side exhibit area
  • Sunday Exit vehicle access sequence confirmed from RSVP I&R form
    1. GROUP A: Basic vehicles (Car, Pickup, SUV) – get pass & access first
    2. GROUP B: Cargo van, mini-bus – get pass after Group A 
    3. GROUP C: Above vehicle with trailer – get pass after Groups A&B r
    4. GROUP D: Box trucks, RVs etc – pass & access held until last
      • Need most room – held until removed booths provide extra space
  • Break down/pack up at 5:00 p.m.
  • Both Sunday Exit Pass & Exhibitor Parking Pass required to: 
    • Get in the line to access mill side exhibit area
    • Be visibly displayed in driver side window
  • Get Sunday Exit Pass from volunteer in your row after 5:15 p.m.
    • Driver must get Sunday Exit Pass
  • Booth broken down & load ready + vehicle group confirmed by volunteer 
  • Assigned group & vehicle type verified multiple times prior to line access
  • All must line-up in exhibitor parking lot to access mill side exhibit area
    • Including vehicles parked elsewhere or showing up just to load 
    • Vehicles not crossing to mill side allowed to exit ahead of any Group
    • Group A vehicles allowed to cross ahead of Group B vehicles
    • Group B vehicles allowed to cross ahead of Group C vehicles
    • Group C vehicles allowed to cross ahead of Group D vehicles
  • ONE-WAY TRAFFIC: enter stage side drive, exit outside drives 
  • One clear lane required around perimeter
  • Do not block main driveways – move over, it’s further than you think
  • Use blinker – indicate turn direction
  • HAVE PATIENCE – following exit procedure will get everyone out quickly

Choose Craft Booth or Food Booth Information & Application below to continue to application .