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Thank you for considering to exhibit at the Prater’s Mill Country Fair at the historic Prater’s Mill, an invitation-only festival, where all crafts must be handmade out of natural materials by the vendor and all food should fit into the Appalachian Country Fair theme.

To be considered, please complete an application form either online or PDF download. Specific application links are at the bottom of the Crafter and Food Vendor information pages. Choose either Food or Crafter links at the bottom of this page to proceed.  

Please be very specific describing your craft on the application. For example, “woodcraft” does not give us enough information.

The cost to apply is $40 and must accompany the application along with a photo of your booth and at least 3 pictures of your merchandise. Online applications will collect $40 from your credit card or PayPal account at the end of the form. 

The deadline to apply for the October show is July 15. Once accepted, the deadline to pay your booth fee is August 25. If you miss the July 15 deadline you may apply for the ‘Last Minute Waiting List’.

If you are mailing your application by USPS, please put your name, address and telephone number on the back of each photo and enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish photos to be returned. Photos cannot be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage. Enclose $40 application fee (Check or Money Order made out to Prater’s Mill Foundation), photos and information on your work, newspaper articles, pictures from other shows, etc. Mail to: Prater’s Mill, PO Drawer H, Varnell, GA 30756.


First, all exhibitors in good standing who attended the most recent show, are sent invitations to return. Returning exhibitors have until May 1 to respond. After the May 1 deadline passes, new exhibitors are invited to fill out the show as needed. For instance if we have 10 returning jewelers we will likely not be accepting more jewelers. Applications are considered year round but the decision may not become final until after the July 15 deadline passes.
We limit the number of exhibitors in each craft. We do not duplicate food items except for coffee, tea, lemonade, limeade and Coke® Products. This strategy helps sales and makes a more interesting show. We try to communicate as soon as possible if we will have a space for each vendor.


All craft items must be original work or handmade of natural materials by you. You may not bring the work of someone else. You can only bring items submitted and approved by selection committee. No plastic except where required in packaging is allowed. We encourage you to demonstrate and will assist you with special needs.  You will be juried and approved to bring only the items described on your form. If you wish to add other items in your booth you must contact the office before September 25 and go through the jury committee to have additional items for sale.  There is no fee to be re-juried. 

• Application Fee is $40, is non-refundable, and does not apply towards booth fee. Send this fee in with application.
• Crafter booth fee is $125 (single), Food booth fee is $175 (single); no commission of jury fees. DO NOT send booth fee until you are invited and a registration form is sent to you.
• Space is 15′ x 15′, is outside and basically flat. No tents, tables or other supplies are furnished or available.
• There are a few spaces available inside the side room of the mill (see map). These spaces are smaller but indoors and tables & chairs may be available
• Electricity is limited, and there is a small additional fee. Quite generators are allowed.

Click here for Frequently asked Questions & Answers.

 Click here for a printable listing of Guidelines & Information/Rules & Regulations.



Application $40 (first time applicants only)
Non-profit Booth Registration $25 (single)
Non-profit Booth Registration $50 (double)
Artist/Crafter Booth Registration $125 (single)
Artist/Crafter Booth Registration $250 (double)
Food Booth Registration $175 (single)
Food Booth Registration $350 (double)
Regular Power +$10
Food Power +$25
Food Water (plumbed) +$25
Extra 5′ (over size tent fee) +$75
Late Registration +$35 (returning exhibitors May 2 • new exhibitors August 25)
Cancelation $35
Returned Check $35

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