The Country Fair has been a family destination in the Northwest Georgia area for decades.

The fairs are always on the second full weekend in October.  Prospective entertainers may contact by email or apply using one of the forms below.


All our entertainers volunteer their time and talents to perform during the fair. We do not pay for any entertainer to preform on site.

If you are willing to work for free to help raise money for this good cause you may use the forms below to apply,  Please do not just email us with a booking promo.

Saturday October 14 – 2017

9:00    Carpet Capitol Cloggers
9:45    Cory Hansird 
10:30  Austin Redden 
11:15    The Dead Trees
12:00   Chicamauga’s Rock & Kuntry Cloggers
12:45    Ryan Scoggins
1:30      New Day Gospel Singers
2:15      Chicamauga’s Rock & Kuntry Cloggers
3:00     Carpet Capitol Cloggers
3:45      Dixie Style Cloggers
4:30      Austin Redden


Sunday October 15 – 2017

9:00     Dixie Style Cloggers
9:45     The Dead Trees
10:30   Cory Hansird
11:15    Carpet Capitol Cloggers
12:00  Choo Choo Cloggers
12:45   Chicamauga’s Rock & Kuntry Cloggers
1:30     New Day Gospel Singers
2:15     Austin Redden 
3:00    Carpet Capitol Cloggers
3:45    Ryan Scoggins
4:30    Cory Hansird

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